July 24th

Hey guys!
Members, while you wait for the next videos and galleries, go to my diary section which is now updated.
Also, more content added soon .....
See, im still here for your pleasure ;)
xoxo Kira

June 15th

t I have decided to officially leave
Denmark. At least for at short bit!

Im off on vacation to Spain, later Bulgaria and hopefully New York.
I was for once, in front of the camera to do a shoot with a website,
those images should be up on their site soon. You´ll see and.....For more, go inside..
Love K

May 15th

Just a little note to let you know that I have posted Malibu Garden gallery, shot in Malibu in a huge mansion, this one is outside in the garden. Beautiful. The other one posted is more of a voyeur gallery. Its called Watch me ;)

Have a great summer and I will be back soon!
For more goodies, come inside!

April 10th

hey guys
New updates!

JUST back from MIAMI and did 2 great shoots for this site with Lexi Lapetina. One solo, and one g/g.

I send them to my webpeople, so its up to them, to let me and you know, when they have been posted.

Also....behind the scenes. Always fun, as you know ;)

Miami was great. Never made it to Mansion. I was soooo tired, that clubbing was the last thing on my mind.. Until I got to... (Join the site for more of my diary and hot pix & videos!)

Love K

March 18th

Hey there

Going to Miami. Mix holiday and pleasure. Not until June though.
Tonite Im heading out to some parties, its a bday party and later
a concert w some friends.

Im in the process of planning a a shoot for FHM. Both behind AND in
front of the camera. More on that later.

Also, im shooting 3 models june 1st for magazines and newspapers.
I would like to move on to Penthouse in US and in Europe. Problem
is, girls here in Denmark arrent as fresh as me, lol.... ! So for now its just for the danish soft marked.

Photography gives great pleasure as I get to live out me ideas through other models.

Dont forget to hook up with me on Myspace and Facebook. Lets be friends!

Love K

Feb 12th

Hey guys
The Zulu Comedy Fight Club was live. I didnt even know that! So too late if you think youre going to watch it. Im finally getting ready to work out again. I havent been able to ever since my accident.It feels good to wear shoes again, since in the past month and a half I havent been able to wear real shoes or exercise.

Later this week im going to a fleamarket where my friends and I have a both wear we can sell a ton of stuff we digged out of our sheds. I cant wait. I love the atmosphere those places. Its early, though, yaaaawn. Like 7 am!

But hopefully I will be going home rich, hehe!

See ya XXX Kira

January 15

Tonight I'm going to be at the finale of Comedy Fight Club for TV2
Zulu. I reckon I'm just hanging, and not doing any guest appearance.

I'm actually not too sure to be honest but hey, whatever, its good fun
with friends. Its on telly in about a few weeks or so, I think.

Also, check out Ekstra Bladet one of these days (thats a danish
newspaper, sorry guys) online, since I have a little feat. there as...

Read the rest of my diary inside. XXX Kira

December 2012

:STILL under the weather after my accident on the tv show Human Tetris.
My foot is better but still on crutches and stuck in my house!!
Wednesday Im attending an event in Cph. I neeeeed to get out!
Next week Im doing this apperance @ at charity for a kids organisation.
Hopefully Im able to with this foot of mine.
Ohh find me on Go´aften Danmark on apr. the 8th of April live

Read the rest of my diary inside. XXX Kira


November 2012

Hey everybody!

I've been very busy learning professional photography and such. I even got to practice at a couple of shoots of my friends. I'll be posting them within a couple of days.

Keep in touch! E-mail me and i will get back to you. XXXX
Love Kira

September 2012

Its been raining hard lately! Im so sick of it!
Sunshine please!
In regards to the contest. Its so easy, its not even funny!
I just wanna get those magazine out of the way, so I can stack my cabinets with some other junk, LOL.
Anyway, some non members asked what the contest was about.
And thats all im saying! Go join for more.
Remember, im behind all of this, not a webmaster or some fan pretending to be me. Believe your eyes, it IS me!
I did some captions for the videos, and will do some for the galleries as well, so you know what the deal is, and so you know what we are actually doing in the shots.
-As if it wasnt obvious, wink wink ;-) Well, gotta run, gotta update the diary.
Love Kira
October 2012

... for members only.
Win a personally signed FHM magazine (me on the cover)
Get your membership, come in, go to the diary section and see how to win ;)
Love Kira

September 2012

Hey lovely people!
Im very happy with the way things are going right now.
You make me wanna come in here and update all
the time, now that i know you join and also stick around for more. Thanks! Im going to add captions to the different galleries inside. So be on the lookout for them and for more hot girlfiriends in naughty positions and in xxx action!
Love Kira

August 2012

Diary updated and join me inside for great content. Every mans fantasy!
xoxo Kira

July 2012

I guess you caught me on a good day!
Just updated 19 XXX movies ( long ) of my hottest girlfriends and some B/G action too. You dont want to miss this.
Gorgeous beauties and really good footage!
xoxo Kira

June 2012

Im back with some news.
Not much, but just to let you in on an interview i did with XFANZ. Read it here, but dont forget to come back! ;) xoxo Kira
xoxo Kira Eggers

May 2012

I forgot I had so many friends LOL!
I just posted 40 galleries and Im giving you sexy, hot pornstars and
pets for you to enjoy. Hannah Harper, Shyla Styles, Brittney Skye,
Lola, Star E. Knight and many more. Now 49 movieclips and 141
galleries ;) I gotta run. I have friends coming over for lunch.
Gotta get ready ;)
Love Kira

April 2012

Hey naughty guys!!
Thanks for joining me here. Hopefully you like what is coming your way.
I just updated the diary and you will find new pix as well.
I just relaunched this site as you may know, so therefore theres fresh content coming in and we update on a reg. basis.
Im off on holiday soon and where will you find the pix?
Here of course!! My adventures from L.A. coming up in Aug. and so much more!
Love Kira

See you inside!!! XXX